• About Frank lobue

    Frank LoBue works as a coach and lives near New York City. A proud dad, husband and baseball coach, Frank's children are involved in the local school events, baseball, soccer and hockey leagues. New York native and well traveled, he enjoys international food experiences and NYC culture. Favorite destinations include Japan, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Singapore and Africa. Has seen the local markets evolve and brings this expertise to meet each client’s needs. 

     Frank's History

    For over twenty years Frank LoBue has worked in the retail industry. Over the course of his career, he has delivered strong operating and financial results in spite of the challenging environment of retail sales. Frank’s skills include strategic planning, team building, and inventory management as well as a strong work ethic and commitment to providing excellent customer service. 


    While attending Wagner College in Staten Island, New York, Frank LoBue started working part-time for the GAP. In 1991 Frank graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Accounting. By 1993 he became a manager at GAP and earned his MBA in Management and Finance from Wagner College as well. For the next two to three years, he managed various stores for the GAP. Frank’s experience at the GAP taught him a lot about retail and management. He held various positions with the organization during his early career including Associate Manager, Assistant Manager, and Floor Supervisor. In addition to working for the GAP, Frank worked for Structure, Limited during his early career as a District Manager, Store Manager, and other positions. 


    Frank LoBue has been known for being professional, easy going and someone you can trust. Flexible and adaptable to each unique client’s needs while being very knowledgeable to the local markets. He brings his personal and business life lessons to each interaction. Many years of retail business and sales experience makes him a great choice to partner with when making your decision on buying. He comes from a family of builders, architects and real estate professionals which helps in the decision making process. 

  • Education

    Wagner College

    1991 - 1993

    MBA in Management and Finance

    Wagner College

    1987- 1991

    B.S in Accounting

  • "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning"

    Bill Gates

  • Areas of Practice

    Customer Service